Radial blur in video editor?

Hi all, I’ve seen a couple of older posts about this, but seems like no new info so I’m starting a new thread… I really really want to be able to create a radial blur in the blender video editor. In my case I’m needing to do it post, i.e. on still images that I’m importing from a fractal program… I basically want to animate a part of a fractal zoom that goes really fast and want a radial blur around the center where it’s zooming in. I think I read there was one in the works at one point? I’m just looking for a technique to do this…


Sorry but its only available in the compositor. You could make a compositor scene that renders this effect, then use that as a scene strip in the VSE.

Ah darn. Ok - any further info on how to do what you suggest? I’m not sure I follow… Thanks!

Heres a video that I made about the process some time ago. It still applies today.

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Thanks I took a look and that’s really interesting, but a lot of info there to digest! I will also check out your other stuff.

However, I finally found a way to do what I need in a different way if anyone is interested. Turns out what I was actually wanting is a “zoom blur”. I was able to add my image sequence into the compositor via an image node hooked into the compositor output, with a directional blur added between. (zoom 1, iterations 6). Then just added a scene strip into the video editor and that worked! Can key frame the zoom settings that way too!