Radial Menus?

Will there be a chance to see radial menu system in Blender 2.5?

Did developer Matt Ebb cancel this project?

Sorry for boring you with the radial menu “subject” again. :frowning:

Yeah, Radial menus! :smiley:

Without radial menus we cant make any serious with Blender.

get a better hobby

Blabla where is the point :D. Are there any mockups about radil menus yet? I’m not missing them, because I’m mainly using shortcuts for everything in Blender but dunno how good they could be for Blender.

Endi you had better be using Blender 1.0… otherwise stfu,

oh and btw… if you are going to make asinine comments, make sure they are correct.

you missed “thing” ANY-THING… your current sentence doesn’t make sense. (oh and if your first language isn’t English… too fucking bad. maybe cut back on the comedy classes and learn a few extra English words, so you sound like less of a retard when you post)

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as for radial menus - it would be nice to have radial menus as an option. obviously not everyone thinks they are a good idea or would use them but an option for contextual radial menus is actually a good idea. but im sure something like that will be much easier to implement AFTER 2.5 arrives on the scene. i don’t know much about programing but it sounds as if adding things like that will become easier after the new data framework is implemented.

Thanks for the answers. I didn’t understand anything. :smiley:

Radial menus is great!

I think you could move the 3d cursor “set position” function to something like shift-click and replace the left button with a custom radial menu. And maybe you could just make it so that if you click down the LMB, the menu pops up, then you just drag your cursor over or through any button (so you just need to care if you drag your mouse up or down, not the exact position of the icon). And if you just click, you would simply repeat the last function, or have a option that you could choose, as the subdivide function. That way I think it would be even better.

I think radial menus are coming in time. Just not fully fleshed out yet and they are not a priority.

you’re absolutely right.

Chimpstar, even though Endi’s comment are sometimes annoying I believe you owe Endi an apology. Your post was really rude, not polite at all and absolutely contrary to Blender forums standards. :eek:

Well but he’s just right. At least 70% of his posts are absolutely nonsense “bullshit” :p. No offense endi. I’m sure you take it with lots of humor just as I do. Sometimes its funny, sometimes it sucks ;).

I agree. Endi’s sense of humor may not be for everyone but there is no need to berate the guy. His comment was harmless while yours was extremely rude and a personal insult. I would think we coudl behave more civilized on these forums. We can discuss/argue the merits of horizontal versus vertical until he cows come home, but personal attacks are beneath this community, imho.

Couldn’t you just start a separate post for your discussion about Endi and Chimpstar, I think Demohero started this thread for another reason.

radial menus?
why not, it’s cool :wink:
every little + to blender is a great thing

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if I was moderator, this would be your first and last warning before being kicked out of the forum for insulting someone like this.
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This is the reason why I chose recycledtrash for a screen name. There are people here like Endi who repeats the same insulting message over and over again. Man, how many times do these forums have to read these same posts of his? I always thought that when you reach a point where you can do many amazing things in 3d, behaving professionally is sort of automatic. You can be the best of what you do, but possessing no humility makes you just another trash to kick around and spit on.

Why would anybody respect a very insulting guy like that?

Fair enough… i may have gone overboard… in my berating of Endi. And as i said i used to like his stuff, he does have skill. i just wish he would post productive comments instead of garbage sarcasm. as it gives off an air of superiority and condescension.

but obviously this is not my place to point that out or to comment on his attitude. so if i have offended the blender artists community, i am sorry

and endi if you read this and were offended i apologize for my frankness, but i do stand by everything i said. If not the vocabulary used to say it. In future i will refrain from commenting on your sarcastic posts.

…Back to radial menus…

I think they’re a good idea (mainly for menus triggered by keyboard keys). If the mouse is placed in the center or last used option by default (the same way it is placed at the top or last used option now), then the distance from that mouse position to an arbitrary option is less than in the linear display.

Please try to be civil, everyone. I’m locking this thread as it would be too complicated to go through and try to edit all the existing posts. Anyone who wishes to continue discussing radial menus may start a new thread.