radial motor - airplane

this is the beginning to make aradial motor with animation of the piston
with rigging

the first pic is a general layout of the motor

and the second one the beginning of modelling of indicidual parts

C&C are welcomes

Whoa. Really super cool RickyBlender dude. I’m impressed already that you’re doing this. I assume you’re going to animate it as well? Here’s a link to a V-8 engine that was made using 3DMax and animated to inspire you:

It looks to me like there’s one master rod and that all the other pistons are connected via their articulated rod to the master rod and that the crankshaft only has one lobe ( for the master rod ) on it and so it shouldn’t be super difficult to model / animate I’m guessing. Here’s a YouTube movie to show how the master rod is connected by articulating rods to the other cylinders:

Hey…good luck on this project. I’m going to be watching this thread for sure. I really think you can do a good job on this.

yup nice video for radial motor

you can see the pistons moving around

but cannot see the background

there must be a fixed shaft somewere in there !

that’s going to be an interesting project

but don’t think you can put on an airplane blender is going to be sluggish i think

and alos don’t know how long it;s gone take
mind you the rigginf is relatively simple on this one

Thanks for C&C

here are the details of the main master rod and aticulated rod