Radial Sculpting

I’m trying to make a simple belt by taking out the top and bottom of a cylinder and scaling the cylinder down to make it like a flat round shape. After that I use the shrinkwrap modifier to stick it to the character. I’m also adding a solidify and multires to it.

I want to sculp with radial option but it does not work at all because of the shrinkwrap modifier. If I take out this modifier my radial work!

How can I stick my belt to the body like shrinkwrap and use the radial after that? ( it work without radial but I need radial to stick it to the character)

1】 > use and apply shrink-wrap modifier on mesh > solidify the wrapped mesh and apply it > use multyres > then sculpt on it… ∆

It did not work,the radial didn’t show properly… :confused:

I found out that it was not only because of shrinkwrap I have other mesh that does the same thing on different axis.