Radial symmetry tool / array for sculpting

This old stuff I suppose, but does Blender have anything like this:

Wouldn’t enhancing existing tools (sculpting or modeling) be more useful than let’s say Ptex ?

We do have radial symmetry, but not that Bool/Array/ObjectSculpt thing. That looks quite useful indeed.

zbrush have no object mode to apply boolean/array modifier or add primitives. So they have an insert brush.
But what video shows and can not be done in sculpt mode can be done in object or edit mode.

I wish we have this kind of cursor multiplication when using radial symmetry. It is not important when we are working on a basis that is repeated.
But when first stroke must create this basis it would be really interesting.

might be a misunderstanding/interpretation of your words- if so I am sorry, but ZBrush has a couple different ways to get things done, there is a boolean mode which allows you to select the boolean type and then you merge down the subtools to make the operation happen.

An array function which works like a modifier is available but that one is fairly new to ZBrush.