Radiance HDR support in Blender just comitted!

Folks I said that I rendered a Blender scene and “saved” it as a hdr image. Then I used the hdr image as a texture in the “world” settings etc… I rendered it out to Yafray. That’s about it. HDR images don’t render with Blenders internal renderer.

Ok, I totally missed this, I’m missing a lot lately…

There is nothing to strip out, .hdr IS a file format, it only contains RGB colors in a simplified extended range format. Blender still internally only supports 8 bit for textures, for now, it has to convert the image to ldr for internal use.
Can be changed, but wouldn’t really be of much use as of yet.

You can already do that, nothing needs to be changed in Blender. Yafray always sends float colors to blender, it also writes to the blender floatbuffer when you have ‘Fbuf’ enabled.
However, make sure you disable ‘ClampRGB’ in the options panel, also don’t use gamma and/or exposure settings other than the defaults of 1 and 0 respectively. Otherwise the output is compressed and/or clamped which obviously in this case you don’t want to happen.

I exported my render from Blender as a hdr. I then opened the image in cinepaint as a 32 bit image. I saved it out to a tiff and opened it in photoship as a 16 bit tiff. Are we now able to get 32 bit and 16 bit image output via hdr image format from Blender?

I must ask this simple NOOB question myself.
How do you get the HDRI file into BLENDER? Why don’t they just put a “Load Image Button” there?

Correct me if I am wrong, I add a mesh (any mesh will do) apply a HDRI image to it.

Then I delete the mesh. Go to the WORLD and apply the same HDRI image.

Is this the way to do it? It was with the old version of Blender.

Now, Is the environment supposed to reveal the HDRI? Can it be invisible? What are ANGmaps for? Looks like it will fit in the upper half of a Sphere.

Don’t give me this “Use the Search” crap or “Google is your Friend” crap. I searched HDRI and found everything from Viagra to vagainas and MAYA to 3DMax. But not what I was looking for, which is a simple tutorial. Slam Bam Thank You Ma’am tutorial.

Hi guys:
I’m still working on writing OpenEXR I/O for Blender. :smiley: If you don’t know, OpenEXR (www.openexr.com) is an HDR file format created by ILM and used in all their major motion pictures. It is going to be the main format used in Orange (once it’s finished). Currently, my development comp’s in the shop, but when I get it back, I’ll finish it. As far as HDR lighting in Blender, that would be possible. I think that currently an entire rewrite of the way Blender handles images is being planned, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I’ll post a test build here real soon with OpenEXR support in it.

Check out the tutorial link here-


I hope that this helps. The hdri settings for Yafray are different than in Blenders internal renderer.

This sounds amazing mchs3d.

Currently Blender can only export .hdr files, not read them. Well it can read them, but it downsamples the high dynamic range down to 8 bit per channel like any other JPEG or PNG. So trying to use these HDR files for image based lighting will be rather futile, you may as well just use a JPEG or PNG (which of course doesn’t contain the range of constrast needed for lighting).