Radiant Rig XL does not work with my character because a script interferes with it ?

Hello to everyone. I’m tryng to make work the add-on called “Radiant Rig XL” with the character that I usually use to learn blender. I don’t why,but it does not work,like you can see from this screenshot. You can find the character here. I sent an email to the author and he replied to me telling :
“You have a script attached which interferes with Rigify (rig_ui.py). Radiant Rig depends upon Rigify as stated in the instructions. If you are changing Rigify, I can’t predict what will happen”

I disabled the option called “auto run python scripts” from the user preferences panel because I wanted to disable the “rig_ui.py” script,but also it didn’t work. Is there another way to disable the interfering script ? What is this ? The author says that he can’t replicate the problem with a new blender file,but only with the file that I sent to him and that I have attached to this message,so he can’t help me further.

you may have to post the file here for us to be able to look at it…

We communicated over email and I found a change in 2.79 that affected the add-on.

From my email:I’ve found an error with Blender 2.79. That was why I could not replicate your error. I’ve updated my code for that version. You’ll get an official email through Gumroad with the update.

Problem solved.