Hello there,

A friend of mine and I are going to create a virtual environment where we can walk around and shoot each other’s virtual brains out with virtual guns. Along with a number of other people we know…
Yes I’m talking about a fps level…
I know some mapping in ued, I know how to bring static meshes in, and a few more tricks and all, but the trouble is, we don’t want to play this level in unreal. because we don’t want to go for that style, we want a more like realistic style…

Games we’re thinking about:

Half life2: because he, not I, knows the editor, and he’s willing to teach me the basics. (I don’t mean the create a box level basics, I mean a little over that…)
Fear: Because the way you move in that game is just awesome (Only thing i miss is the prone ability). and it looks very nice.
Call of duty UO: Because we love the gameplay and movement. If you’d combine the movement from fear with cod uo you’d have the perfect movement set (untill mirror’s edge comes out)

So what we’re trying to achieve is a fairly medium to large outdoor setting (5 to 9 square kilometers) with a number of houses/barns etc in em. Preferably each and every one of them should be “enterable”. With some decent portals we should be able to handle the load (or at least we hope so…)

-We made a layout, top view in the gimp, using google earth and some imagination.
-I’d make a “boxworld layout” in blender on “game engine scale” where the buildings are
layed out according to the layout created in the gimp.
-We’d import that boxworld into the game engine, and start rebuilding in bsp following the
layout of the boxworld model. Or we’d slowly replace the boxes with static models of
these houses/part of these houses.

Trouble is, how to get it into these engines…
Unreal has ued and half life2 has Hammer. Both of us combined have enough knowledge to get something out of that (I can bring stuff into ued, and he might be able to get stuff into hammer, there’s a pugin around somewhere)

But we’d rather go with F.E.A.R or COD uo.
These games use worldedit (with modeledit) and codradiant.
Getting models in there from blender looks like a pain.
I’ve found out a way of getting blendermodels into modeledit by using a script from here:
coupled with a hint from here:
but I haven’t a clue if I can use those things in worldedit as well. It seems to be for things like characters and weapon mods and such…

In short, is there anyone around here with some experience in worldedit/Dedit and/or radiant/gtkradiant/CODradiant? preferrably to get models into the game. And what engine should we use static models and what engine should we rebuild it with bsp?

wrong forum?

I’m going to move this to Off Topic as it’s not exactly about the game engine.

(OTO, don’t forget that you have this ability too)

You guys have an awesome idea - can’t wait to start playing it!

sorry for posting it in the wrong forum, didn’t really think it as being off topic, as it does relate to blender and games.
The map, whatever engine we go for, will most likely not be made public. It’s a “private map” based around an area we know. houses and environments you can enter belong to friends of ours, it’ll be a bit of a “clan” thing.

But I’m looking for other people’s expertise in using blender alongside either of these engines.

For instance, is it possible to make the layout in blender, import into gtk radiant, rebuild into bsp, then export and import the bsp into codradiant?
or how would you do this kind of thing in hammer? or worldedit for F.E.A.R?
I can navigate and make “DM subtracted/added cube” maps in worldedit and hammer, and a certain amount more in the unreal editor.
I could get it done by spending a LOT of time into researching, but I know there is already the expertise around to get me there a lot faster. And since I haven’t really got that much time, I’d like some help on that.
That’s the great thing about open source. People tend to pass on whatever they’ve learned a second earlier. I know I do…

Look i know you dont want to hear this but you can get the same effects in any of the engines you want just so long as you put them in there
the unreal editor is the easiest and supports the most features of all the engines
i would stick with it
i know the look you want cause it is what i like in games
its that global illumination with sun brilliance and sheen
get the new engine UT3 go buy Unreal Tournement 3 and it will support that new look
and if you dont know about this tool check it out
plugin for maya and max for importing and exporting
even if you build your stuff in blender or what ever just export the stuff from one program
to the other and then use the plugin that work with it

Well, to be honest you are wrong about knowing what I want. I stood with ut3 special edition in my hands yesterday and I didn’t buy it, even though it was a discount and priced as the normal dvd is. Because I have the ut2k4 special edition and while those videotuts are entertaining and teach you a thing or two, they also are badly made, take up to much time yapping about workflow stuff that is to obvious and having a merry old time while at it. I doubt these new vids will be any different, or will contain much really new information. The artbook and history of unreal didn’t seem like anything I haven’t seen on the web before either.
I don’t think I’ll buy ut3 untill it’s price tag drops a lit…

My pc can’t run ut3 with all the fancy effects you’re talking about. I can run the demo at 640x480 with all spiffy effects turned off. I can however run HL2 episode 2 in 800x600 with a few settings on medium and the rest on low, and vanilla hl2 on 1024x768 with some more effects turned up.
I can run fear with decent settings, and I can run cod uo with all settings high.
The thing I’m looking for is not how it looks, it’s how it plays, and in that respect, cod uo and fear come closest, followed by half life2. UT, whichever version, is just to arcade. We wanna sprint, melee, lean, crouch, go prone, target down the sight etc. We don’t want the “look I’m taking cover behind a wall but can’t get much closer because the hitbox just keeps me from actually touching that wall” effects that you often get in unreal. isn’t it’s character hitbox a big cylinder?

We kinda agreed to try it in half life2 now, I’ll build the mock up in blender, and he tries to get a start in hammer, regardless of whether or not we’re getting the mockup from blender to hammer. But there is a plugin around and he’s done it before so it should be possible.
I’m thinking about radiant because there are numerous tuts out there to get blender to radiant/doomedit, whatever, and I’m hoping that once I built the basic bsp after the imported mockup in say, gtkradiant, i will be able to import that bsp map into codradiant to turn it into a cod map.

One more very important reason:
Every one of my friends has (and occasionally plays) cod uo. Every one has half life2. No one has or still plays ut2k4 or ut3. Most can’t run ut3. In fact there’s only one of em who can and he doesn’t like the game.
If this thing becomes a succes, I might do the office next, since there are a number of people at work who also play in a “makeshift” clan formation. would be cool to frag each other in the office/warehouse/factory. COD uo style. I might even get our system’s administrator to set up a little server from an old pc or something.

I know about actorX and it is NOT a tool for importing exporting, it is a tool for exporting characters and weapons with animations. at least that what it was at the time of ut2k3/ut2k4, and I doubt it has changed much. I made 3 or 4 characters for ut2003, i still used max at school then.
It’s akward to get max or maya just to be able to export characters… to say the least. regular meshes, animated or not, can be brought in with all spiffy kind of shader effects from within blender anyway. Just use the ase exporter and assemble the parts you need in the unreal editor.

I started this thread because I know there are people around which use blender in combination with some of these engines, I was hoping they also lurk around blenderartists, since I didn’t bookmark all the little sites or forum posts where I found info that might be usefull. It would take forever to do it alone, whereas a few workflow hints from people who work with it more often would speed things up a lot.

With as much time as you are talking about dedicating, you can almost make your own first person shooter.

Give Crystalspace a shot, or Irrlicht.

Both have blender plugins to make importing and exporting a breeze.
Crystalspace is a bit better integrated into blender.

Out of all the engines you are talking about, unreal based games are the easyest to MOD.Just use the lightwave exporter from blender for your static meshes.

Halflife 2 is neat too, but requires a lot of tools just to get your models and textures ported over.

Fear is cool too, they have Fear COmbat which allows anyone to download and play the fear multiplayer.Lithtech is a bit of a tricky engine to play with though. It is very technical, and very unforgiving… any simple little bug will make so that the maps will not compile, and the editor keeps you totaly in the dark about what caused the bug.

Blender game engine even has some multi player capabilities. But I would not recommend using it for a first person game, unless you want to make a Wolfinstein 3d or a Doom 1 level of graphics detail. (it is good that this thread got moved, any mention of a 3d shooter usually ends up in people calling you a incompetent noob.)

there are a couple of older game engines around too that can be moded pretty easy…

Open Arena- built on top of Quake 3 engine, lot of mod and modeling tools available.Blender even exports quake 3 .MAP files now!!

Nexius- started with the quake 1 engine, has more features that quake 3 now.SOm slight lagg issues in multiplayer.

Sauerbraten- Can make your levels in real time, in multiplayer and co-op mode… lots of fun but it uses the old quake 2 model system.
They even include a frame work to make a RPG game with it.

Well, anyways… hope that helps… Most commercial game engines will not let you export your animations from blender…
Crystalspace allows animations :slight_smile: and they already have a FPS template ready for you to use called CrystalCOre.
After you and your friends are done shooting each other, just spend a little more time, and you will have your own multi player FPS to distribute, and even sell if you feel that bold about your creation :smiley: After project Apricot we will have a lot of bleeding edge features for CS!! so now is a great time to start getting the basics down!!

Irrlicht is coming of age too, yesterday I noticed that they include a shiny new blender exporter script!!! They support almost every programming language known to god and man, and quite a few modeling formats!! the OBJ importer is my favorite! I can port my models right in from Zbrush or Wings 3d thanks to the OBJ importer!!
It supporte some very nice real time stencil shadows, and all of the common shaders are ready made, just waiting for your textures and tweaks!!

well, have fun with your new venture!

Sounds like you just want to do some level design.

Call Of Duty is based on the quake 3 engine. So you should be able to use .md3 model format for static meshes. And a program like GtkRadiant for the actual map building.

GtkRadiant is used to model maps in the .map format which then a compiler(q3map2 usually) compiles it into a .bsp for the engine to run.

Other games that use the Quake 3 engine are: Return To Castle Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory, Soldier Of Fortune 2, Open Arena, RTCW:ET - True Combat, the list is very long…

Each Game/Mod has there own unique style so choose one and build a map for it.

If you want to create your own FPS from scratch then either Crystalspace / irrlicht / ioquake3 engines, should suit your needs fine.

These are probably your best bet.

thanks dudes, these comments are starting to be helpfull.

I don’t intend to create my own fps, just make a map with a friend of mine for a game that our small group of friends own AND can run.
We need to like the game too.
love the movement in both fear and cod uo, + the weapons in those games. Like those less in hl2 and unreal.
Trouble is, hl2 has all these neat physics and cool entities, and this other guy can make some funny maps with those, by just using the editor. But matching the dimensions of our environment is tricky with just hammer.
F.E.A.R also has cool physics and stuff, but might be very hard to use the engine as well. maybe I could get it to work… dunno, won’t get much farther than some box prototypes with/without imported models for some time, so it is probably out.

COD is very cool, but doesn’t have these funny physics, everything is static, which is a pity… closest call still is COD and/or HL2. I know cod uses the .xmodel extension instead of the .md3 but I’d have to doublecheck if it also allows for .md3 files.

Still, I’ve installed gtk radiant, can’t set any paths since I have no installed games that it can use, but I’m going to look into that a bit over the next 3 weeks, I think.
We’ve been building our mockup town in blender and trying to get it into hammer today. Mockup buildings are done, keymarks like roads and rivers are next. Haven’t been able to get it into hammer though… going to try gtkradiant next, then get the .map to codradiant somehow.

hmm true combat elite, maybe we should try that? it CAN be modded with vanilla gtk radiant right?

hmm true combat elite, maybe we should try that? it CAN be modded with vanilla gtk radiant right?

I believe so check out there website for more details. TC is a Mod for Enemy Territory. Both free games.