Radical Racer OCC in Blender


This my submission for DeviantArt Radical Racer OCC. I made this in 3 days. Everything seen here from the character to the pendant thing were all made with Blender and then the renders were put together in Photoshop. All the line work here are generated, i only had to do clean up here and there in some places and connect some missing spots. Used both Freestyle and LANPR for line generating. This is all rendered in cycles, the toon shader setup i always use was first created by following a tutorial by Lance Phan on Youtube. However, i don’t use the exact same thing, i modify it as needed to get the kind of shading i want.

all the information about the character and this fictional universe is on my DeviantArt, if you’re interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS i’ve been working on a toon style character creation workflow since January for a manga/comic thing i wanted to do for a long time. This was kinda just to see how fast i could pull off a stylized character using the same workflow, more or less. It’s just a whole bunch of trial and error, really. :sweat_smile: Any super hidden wisdom anybody can provide regarding toonshading and line generation for manga and comic purposes are greatly appreciated.