radio for stefano

here we go again…

this post is dedicated to Stefano “S68”,
he wanted to see it here :slight_smile:

look at the base of the cone and you will see why no one uses it :slight_smile:

nice pic though

Oh there’s a pic there now :slight_smile:

It’s a good demo of radiosity, apart from the cone which needs smoothing.

It’s nice, but it would probably have been better for the cone if it had more subdivisions at the base originally.

Nice radiosity demo though


yeah :slight_smile:

but since this work is about 1½ - 2 years old, I wont do much about it…

but thanks !!

Nice :slight_smile:

well, I had already seen it :wink: BTW: is it me or you forcot one wall… the reflection in the ball shows a pitch black square as if there were no wall behind the observer :stuck_out_tongue:


hey S68 !! (I should call me S69 since that is my hear and my forename initial :P)

well, it is suppose to be like that , to peek in :smiley:

nice radioisity. About the open room, I’ve done that before too. Sometimes it gives a nice abstract effect.
Good to see you doing more work again recently.

hey jim !

well, as I said before…or maybe I forgot to meantion, but this is 1-2 year old render…but Stefano like it, so I posted it for him, I wouldn’t do it otherwise…

cheers !!