This is something I tried out. Its a RADIO. Sadly, it only has one song and its not a complete one. Please excuse the textures as well. I know they suck. Well, I hope you like it.

Mouse Wheel Up=Go Right
Mouse Wheel Down=Go Left

Real quick…

Is it possible to add multiple songs to a file while still keeping it relatively small?

don’t include them in the file if possible

[it doesn’t work very well]

you ought to be able to use mp3 and ogg vorbis files, but I don’t think it has worked properly [in any offical release] since 2.25.

Is this game, or music presents? 1.7 Kb/sec download :frowning:

Are you asking is this a game?

Are you asking is this a game?[/quote]
YES :stuck_out_tongue:
Turbo Upload is shitty! :x not download…