For the weekend challenge. Pure blender internal (slight colour correction in photoshop).
Interpret as you wish… somehow I think the spinning sunlit blades of a radiometer represent freedom… :cool:

What do you think?

Ha Ha… i have one of these in my window… how nerdy am i…

i feel theres somthing wrong… cant tell what… but there is…

still way better than anything i could do…


It needs a shadow! (or caustics)
Right now it looks slapped over a background. A shadow will ground it and give it depth.

I do really like the background and the render of the radiometer :smiley:


joeab: Well, I have one too;).

KevinW: There actually is a shadow. It’s just that the angle of the lighting makes it almost nonexistent…
But I kind of like the almost-shadowlessness of it:rolleyes:. Plus, like this, I don’t have to fake caustics:cool:.