Radiosity and cycles

is there a way to have radiosity in cycles and how do you set it up ?

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If you mean Radiosity as in Global Illumination. Cycles does use a MonteCarlo algorithm to calculate Global Illumination (Bounce light) and it is enabled by default.

If you mean Radiosity specifically as a global illumination solution, then no you cannot enable it or set it up, as mentioned earlier Cycles uses a different algorithm (Monte Carlo).

where is this enable this monte carlo algo ?

not certain what is radiosity ?
is it color reflection of objects onto other objects ?

and does it do that with only diffuse or need some glossiness ?

here is a test i did with some AO
but most objects had some glossy!

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You may want to turn down the environment strength and add a couple of light sources :wink: Render engines like Cycles have all that “radiosity stuff” built in and enabled by default.

is there a good tut explaining how this Radiosity works?

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