Radiosity and Subsurface/Superficial Surface scattering

I’m having a few issues with both of these right now. For one there isn’t any documentation on using Radiosity and blender’s internal renderer(that works anyway) in the wikipedia. When I use it a countdown occurs (not sure for what) and this could take a half hour! I would like to know how to change the settings for this and if the collect mesh technique/gour/go technique has anything to do with the radiosity settings?

Also I just came across a wiki entry regarding Superficial SSS which seems to have more controls than the current MhSSSS script. I can’t find these scripts anywhere and I would like to use one with more than one color and layer to work with. This is closer to maya’s metal ray shaders in that aspect, which I like.


So you don’t free the radio data when you render?

nope. I dont, at least. Im not too sure what to use that for anyway :-?

collect mesh technique/gour/go technique has anything to do with the radiosity settings?

There are 2 radiosity pipelines in Blender and what I quoted is from the older (but mostly better) pre 2.28 ‘physical’ method. It calculated all selected meshes and built one new mesh to render. The newer post 2.28 ‘at render time’ method calculates all meshes at rendertime and you have to do your own subdivision before calculation.

There are stacks of tuts and documentation for the first and the 2.28 (or thereabouts) release notes and online docs will explain the second.


I see your point.

So there really is two ways to create a radiosity scene, yeah? Just like there’s two way to do reflective/glassy things :smiley:

So the older method of creating radiosity scenes is to do all that collect mesh, gour, etc?

And the newer method is using the Max Iterations and Hemires?

Personally, I like the newer method of radiosity, the iteration one, solely because it’s much easier to remember how to do it :expressionless:

When I tried to do the “Radiosity, a Juicy example” I did the entire scene using a cube as the spaceship. And I think I’ve forgotten the entire process of it ^.^!

Another point is when doing the collecting mesh radiosity method, the new builted single mesh looks sloppy %| , to me only I suppose.

From memory, I didn’t find much difference in rendering time when comparing the two methods.


I read the documentation, still a bit confused. I learned radiosity back in 2002 so it was different. what’s the difference between the gour method and teh hemi method? do you still collect meshes and free radio data when your ready to render?

Well, Womball.

I think the newer method using iterations etc does all the collecting meshes and all that I-can’t-be-bothered-to-remember stuff for you. For me, it feels more clean than the other method.

:wink: that’s just me though, don’t take my words for it.


So what’s the difference between Superficial scattering and Subsurface scattering? And where can you get the older scripts?