Radiosity bug Isolated.

(DAK) #1

I think i’ve narrowed down when and when it doesnt happen. When objects that are part of the mesh still refuse to show up in the render. After being forced to redo my work because of this blender problem, I ran into it again. I noticed that if I just add 2 more simple cubes to my scene, I suddenly get objects disapearing in it.
Very puzzling, and unfortunately it prevents me from taking radiosity any steps further. It is interresting to note that while i get a correct shadow of an object, the objects themselves end up disapearing from the render.
I had assumed it may be to do with max settings, I have been toying around but cant push it any farther. I know im not the only one who has run into this.
Any experts out there, what’s your word on this?

(bob_dog) #2

This has happend to me as well when my scene reaches a certain level of complexity. After the radiosity calculation, rendering results in many objects just vanishing while they are still there in mesh mode.

After seperating all the meshes, make sure that you also remove all of the material groups and then go back and add the one material that you want the object to be. If you do this, you should find your objects showing up again at render time.

(0ptikz) #3

I had the same problem as you.

Try using 1.8, I found it much more reliable.

(blackphoto) #4

Wow, blender really seems to make radiosity tought. If I remember right, most other programs involve just hitting a radiosity button, and it calculates rads from the textures with illuminate turned on. What is the catch with all this work here?

I have been learning Blender’s lights the last few days. I put light samples up on 9, and soft as 9 too. Am I correct in that there should be a 1 to 1 ratio on this?

(stephen2002) #5

Blender’s radiosity engine is just tacked on as an afterthought, which is why it does not work very well. It is not integrated very well at all.

Try turning up the number of verts the solver is allowed to work with. This might be why your objects are going away.