Radiosity, Candela, Lux etc...

(Manuel) #1

The emit parametr, used for the radiosity computation,
have a scientific sense?
It’s relative to candela, lumen or Lux or other photometric
unit ??



(Santiago) #2

I may be all wet on this (or maybe I’ve failed to see the light :wink: ) but I’ve had the impression that the values in Blender were largely relative units. If any of them have real world absolute value counterparts, I haven’t found them.

It might be interesting to run a test, in which one sets up the conditions to measure lux, but do it in Blender, and see what the results are. Or is that possible?

I admit to being a physicist by training, but it’s been a lot of years since those courses!

(Manuel) #3

Mhhh I’ve found this (not exatly related to radiosity) but it don’t work…

(Manuel) #4

This a great documentation about Radiosity and human perception:

and if you look the page 10 of this

you see the fundamental quantities concerned with the measurement of the light and the relation with radiosity…in the chapter 2 “Radiometry and Photometry”

I try to read this, but my english is not exactly good, and this
is a very hard documentation…can you take a little look too?



(paradox) #5

Thanks Manuel, This looks very interesting. Now to get the time to read it.

(Manuel) #6

Ok…I’m waiting :slight_smile:
If I make a little progress, I post here…