radiosity damages me obejcts mesh badly


after slowly getting to know how radiosity works
i encountered a problem where i see the mesh in the editor but when i render some parts of the mesh are missing.
i have not touched the mesh after radiosity!

any help what causes that?


When you run the radiosity calculation, Blender joins all the meshes in your scene into one big mesh and stores the radiosity data as vertewx colours. If you have too many poly’s in the final mesh, Blender will only render up to the poly count limit, (don’t recall what that number is).

This has been an ongoing problem and there are many posts here in the Q&A forum regarding this issue. Do a search and you should find more answers on this subject.

Hopefully this issue will get resolved in a future release.


ok understood.

thankx for the hint.


I believe it’s 65536 per object. The limit per scene is very high (I can’t remember that now, perhaps 20 million?)

i dunno, u test it, im not in the moooood of crashing now =P~~~~