Radiosity Errors

The radiosity some times break the mesh in two parts…and the Catmull Clark is not usable. I’ve described all here

with a lot of images.

The experiments is on 3 different human meshes. You ca dowload the MH
mesh too, ready for experiments:

If you know the cause of this problems, please reply me, because this is very important for the future development of MakeHuman…



Hmmm… SSS skin shader by default in MakeHuman? Yummy!

As for the radiosity problem… Have you also posted on the developers forums at

BTW, I made a great forward leap in the templates I wrote you about in my latest PM… Perhaps I’ll send you some screenshot this evening or so.


why are you trying to subsurf the mesh after radiosity?
[for one thing, when you do radiosity there is no guarantee at all the topology of your mesh will not be made poor for subsurfs because of the new triangles and the subdivisions]

you can do radiosity on the subdivided mesh at render time by enabling radio in the materials you want to be in the calculation [I think in 2.32 where the feature was added new materials had it on by default], and enable radio in the render buttons

[also of note is that this will not subdivide your mesh]

OK…but about the splitting of mesh? Because radiosity split the mesh in two parts?

To use the new s-scattering effect (the script of Xavier ) I need of verts color on the mesh. The radiosity is a sort of preprocessing to use this script.

Actually we are trying to solve the problem using an area light with verts color activated in material and make verts color in mesh panel, it seem to work, besides this method have a great advantage on the radiosity: the topology is not altered and the mesh remain able to be used with armature and with MakeHuman morphing algorithm…

Of course, the result with radiosity is more accurated for a not animation…and I’m very curious to know if anyone have the “split” problem too…and of course, to know “why”…

How about applying the Subsurf (Ctrl+C) then performing radiosity?

I think this happens in rendertime radiosity anyway, that’s why using Simple Subsurf works