Radiosity Import Export Suite v0.1

(scorpius) #1

This is a little demo that imports and exports vertex-colored meshes using my own simple file format (*.radio). I wrote it because I wanted to know how vertex colors were stored in the mesh (and I needed this info in order to write my Caligari OBJ export script). So now I can export radiosity solutions from blender to trueSpace. But I don’t need (or want) to do that, it was just an exercise.

You can use this demo to read and write such meshes. If you press: VKEY, WKEY, ENTER, you will smooth out the vertex colors (try it on the knot and sphere). I’ve included some nice sample objects to get you started:

This script uses the GUI module of 2.23, which is gone in 2.25! Why did they get rid of it?


And don’t forget to check out my best radiosity rendering:


(Condorcet) #2

Interesting! Lately I’ve thought about exporting blender radiosity solutions to other formats. If this exports to truespace, could one also use it with apps that can read truespace formats? I’ll give it a try later.


(Condorcet) #3

I understand how to use the script to write and read your *.radio files, but how should one then save the mesh in a format that can be imported into other programs?

What, if I may ask, is this “Caligari obj” export script of yours? I use the script all the time–it’s one of the most useful export scripts I’ve found.


(scorpius) #4

The Caligari script exports to truespace format. I haven’t released it yet. Email me and I’ll send it to you. Or maybe I should just bundle it with my suite. It would be easy to add import of truespace format files.

(Condorcet) #5

I’d like to try the truespace script out, if you’re willing to release it. I’ll send you an email.

I’d seen your golfball image before. It’s remarkably realistic. Did you model it with your displacement script?

I just downloaded your torus script, too. I’ve tried to model the Lightflow torus with metaballs, but your script produces it flawlessly. Thanks.