Radiosity in ge for a glow effect

hi all,
ive seen tutorials of how to use radiosity for rendering but i didnt find any similiar effect for ge,ccan anyone point me aout any tutorial of how to do that in ge?
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Radiosity is very expensive and probably not used in any real time application. Where it might appear to occur in commercial games it will be faked. It’s not the kind of thing that can simply be selected in a check box as an option.

Also, glow and radiosity aren’t really the same thing. And there would be many ways of creating a glow effect using ordinary lighting, vertex coloring etc that would be mainly dependent on the the skill and experience of the user.

Keep in mind that an effect is an effect. It can be very good but it means it’s faked. Whereas when people talk about radiosity they mean that a particular complex algorithm is being applied to every pixel of selected objects or even the entire viewport. This is what generally takes too long to be applied in a game engine.

The radiosity tools do not work in the Blender Game Engine. If the glowing part of the scene is static, you could try backing it. Otherwise you would probably have to try parenting a lamp to the object or something.

just a personal view, but fragment shaders are ALWAYS a last option. the unofficial mantra of Games Development is “Fake EVERYTHING”. Vertex painting as was suggested is your best bet.

Speaking of vertex painting, it will only suffice for static objects, because if they move, you’d have a green glow on the wall, for example, when the green object is on the other side of the room. I have a script that allows the user to paint on an object. This could be modified to allow you to create a slight glow effect. I’ll link the script to a demo file, work on it and get back to you with the results (partially as I think they’d be most useful if successful).

its not meant work on static objects,its meant to work for the flag which the character follows when clicked on the ground,and also when the enemy is selected a circle of arrows rotates around the enemy s feet ,its textured but id like to give it a radiosity effect!!
any help in terms of tutorials or files is greatly apprected!
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If your ground is flat, you can make a shadow object and parent it (not worth going into detail unless the ground is quite flat). I could also sort out the script if you want it, demo file on its way :slight_smile:

Right on a file would come in handy,i really appreciate it thanks