Radiosity: Losing 1 texture on mesh (less than 16 textures)

Hi all

Quick noob question. I’m using the Radiosity tool to do lighting. Everything is fine and then for some wierd reason everytime I use the tool a particular material drops from the newly formed Radiosity mesh.

ie total count of materials for all the objects is 9, when I go through the Radiosity Modelling Tool the resulting mesh has 8 textures. It’s always the same one dropping. So I’ve got to go in to the mesh and manually re-attached material to surface (pain)

Is this a bug? Or something to do with how the material is linked to object or mesh? Or something to do with material setting? (I’ve made sure the Radio button is on for all materials)


I can’t repeat your problem for Materials. Is it dropping a Material or a Texture?


It’s dropping a material assigned to a mesh. The original mesh has two materials assigned and the radiosity mesh (created new mesh) only has one. In the radiosity preview it ‘appears’ to show the original two material mesh (ie the colour of the material displays correctly). But after clicking the Add New Mesh it gets zapped.

Oh this ‘suddenly’ happened. Wasn’t happening ‘before-hand’ so somewhere along the line ‘something’ happened. ie was working, now it isn’t - on same file.