Radiosity missing some faces


I’m trying to use radiosity baking, but for some reason most of the surfaces are missed out and completely black. All of the normals are pointing inwards (towards the lit surface), and the lit surface normal is pointing to all the elements. All the surfaces have materials.

Here is the mesh. I select all meshes, “Collect Meshes”, then “Go” with the default settings:

The light source is coming from the inset surface on the left. Here is the result:

As you can see, the bed is lit up, and some of the skirting, the poster door etc. But none of the walls, floor, ceiling.

Can anyone help?


You don’t have many vertices for the radiosity to work with. It might not be the problem, but try subdividing your room a number of times.

If you weren’t baking the radiosity but just rendering it I’d say to add a simple subdiv subsurf modifier to your room object to increase the number of vertices for rendering but not for editing but I don’t think that’d work with baking.

This might not be the problem, but it’s the first thing I noticed.

EDIT: sorry, not paying attention to what you wrote. Ignore this post:o

Just out of curiosity, is your object scaled negatively? I found that with a size of -1 (instead of 1) radiosity would not render a face.