Radiosity not working???

I’m not sure why exactly but Radiosity stopped working on me, I have “Radio” on in the Render panel, and I have my objects Emit settings up a substanial amount and still I get nothing. Could I be missing steps, settings mabye, up until now I just set my mesh to Emit, put Radio on, and hit F12… Help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Yes you are doing it very wrong, what you have to do is choose all of the things you want to calculate in the rendering (EXCLUDING all lamps, lights, etc.) and then hit “collect meshes.” After that if you want to get the best effect then hit the “Gour” button, after that hit the big “GO” button and that should be it, I hope it helped, if you any more questions then just pm me

Dont worry it took me forever to figure out too.

Devlin, there are two kinds of radiosity, your way is the manual way and then there’s Rendertime radiosity.

Grei, you need to click Radio on the Links and Pipeline tab in F5 for every object you want calculated. If you’ve done that the best is to upload your file.