Radiosity & Particle Test

(BgDM) #1

Hey gang. Still here. Just waiting for confirmation of my new job, and then I will definitley be gone for a bit.

Anyway, playing with Radiosity and Particles and came up with this:

Still going to add some more pipes, tubes, and other stuff to the walls. Need to tweek the particles systems a bit too, to make the explosion look a little better.

Any advice or comments?


(meb1617) #2

Its nice! But, I say you should add a concrete wall texture to the walls, and some kind of floor texture to give it more of a realistic feel to the tunnel. Also add some debris flying out of the explosion.


(BgDM) #3

yep, agree 100%. will be getting there. just wanted some initial feedback.



(S68) #4

Nice start :slight_smile:

I’ll set particles alpha lower than that, so that you get more the idea of gases, it is a little blocky now, looks like the corridor is vertival and you are lookint to some kind of (boiling?) liquid… don’t know if I’m clear…


(dickie) #5

my first thought is:
get the hell out of the tunnel!