radiosity polygon reduction

how is this done? I did a small room in radiosity and created a player to walk around the room and the framerates are 17 fps. How do i reduce the amount of polygons in radiosity? Also would it be before my “replace mesh” process? I know the results wont be as sharp as with many polygons, but i want to play around with it to get a happy medium. Thanks


Radiosity it’s not a good tool to use with the game engine
But if you want to try it anyway, use really basic shapes to make your room/level apply radiosity, and then use the Remove doubles and limit buttons (50?) probably you can “cut” half of the vertices


well, there is a way, but it requires a lot of hand-work.
when you have the rad. solution, you could isolate each wall, floor and ceiling, and make a screenshot of each of them. in your favourite image editor you should crop the image to the proper bounds and then map them back to you low-poly geometry (as used BEFORE the rad. calculation).

i hope that there will be a way to do this automatically in the future - texture baking.

hope this helps


me too

but I did rant about reducing the polygon count of a radiosity result on my website a while back

Or, you can just tell Blender not to subdivide any faces when it calculates radiosity. After collecting meshes, set MaxEl to 1. (Note, you need to change MaxEl, not ElMax.) To get a little subdivision, you can experiment with other values for MaxEl.

speaking of texture baking - can yafray do, if objects have UV coords assigned??