radiosity problem: help

this is it:

i try to calculate radiosity on a fairly big model of a house (just a typical suburb home, two storeys) After miliseconds, regardless of changing values, it gets all the walls black.

I tried on small rooms (newly created) and it calculates it fine, and the difference seems to be a small ‘control’ window that appears after collecting the meshes, wich in my model doesnt appear

surely i miss something stupid, because I tried all aproaches: normal control, subdivisions… nothing works.

help please, im going slightly mad

So either your normals point in the wrong direction, or the light dissipates to quickly (the szene is not closed). It would help though, if you could post the blend.

thanks soylent for your reply. I checked normals. How do I post the blend file? Do I have to upload it somewhere and post the url or the forum itself supports uploads?

Yep, Lucas kindly offers free, temporary hosting:

You could also try splitting your mesh up into smaller parts.