radiosity problem

(Zweistein) #1


Look at my screenshot->

I make the radiosity like every time. But when i render it, i just see the upper vertex. Is there a maximum radiosity vertexes or so?? The whole scene shouldget radiosity. I see the radiosity in BLender… But i don t see them if i render the scene…

please help thanks.

(S68) #2

What about normals?


(Zweistein) #3

What do you mean with normals?? What is that?

(Zweistein) #4

i tried ctrl+n to recalc the normals. But nothing happens. I dont see anything…

(BgDM) #5

There is a vertex limit to the radiosity. Can’t remember what it is though. I have the same problem some times. Hopefully it will get fixed with the open source effort.


(Zweistein) #6

That is really shit… is the limit at about 40 vertexes??? wow… that are not very much…

hm… so i will to make it with every single object…
thanks for help.

(bob_dog) #7

I can sympathise with your frustrations as this has happend to me as well. Notice though, that you meshes have not vanished, they just don’t render. This seems to happen after you scene has reached a certain level of complexity.

The problem:

The problem seems to stem from the material indices and more importantly, the limit to the number of them. After a radiosity calculation, each mesh is left with a whole bunch of material indices.

What to do:

Seperate each mesh from the big one that results from a radiosity calculation.
In the edit buttons (F9), remove all the indices for each of the new meshes.
For each new mesh, go to the materials buttons (F5) and add (or create) the material you want for it.

The result:

As you do this for each mesh, you should see them show up at render time.

Good luck!

(paradox) #8

Some things to try, try shift control n instead to recalulate normals outside. Also when I use a shere as an emiter I sometimes don’t get the amount of light in a scene I want, what I do is just a add a plane emiter angeled to where I want the light then delete it after the radiosity solution. Also maybe raise the emiter power with rasing emit value.
To see where your normals are pointing push the show normals button then go into edit mode to see where they are pointing. Also on the sample you showed us you had solid pushed try gour. Don’t know if any of this will help.