Radiosity Problem

I donno if someone can answer this but when i use radiocity with subsurf i get sploggy black patches on my rendered mesh. Incase you think it is the normals problem, the normals are flipped outward and to no effect.

i would have post a render but i have no server to save it on. For now imagine the patches. I need them gone.

Any help will be helpfull HELP :frowning:


hi there,

I can’t be sure unless I saw a pic, but I think I know what you’re talking about…

And I don’t think there’s a fix which doesn’t involve increasing the render time a lot - since with subsurf you have an awful lot more faces to calculate energies for.

You can improve the situation by increasing the hemires setting in the radiosity window as high as it will go (1000). Secondly, allow it to keep iterating for as long as you can stand! (so decrease the convergence right down, and increase the number of iterations)…

Good luck!

turn up hemires in the radiosity buttons

if it can’t go high enough turn your subsurf down

OOOOOOH you guys are incredible. it worked the high hemires worked the black splogies are gone THIS IS IT.

Cheers made my day…