Radiosity problem

I can’t get it to work… When I make one object “emit” light, it is totally white (and it has a material and a texture) or I get overall whiteness or darkness. Dunno what to do. HELP!

when you make an object emit enough to light a scene it will generally come out white, so if you are going for a glow effect, make an object that you want to glow, and set it to emit, but turn off radiosity in its material settings. then, temporarily move that object to another layer, and replace it with a real emmitor. now if you select your objects that are recieving the radiosity, and press in edit buttons ‘vertex color make’, and in their material settings, ‘vcol light’, you will have made a light map. so, you can delete your emittor, and replace it with the fake emittor, and it will look like it is glowing.
<edit> slightly easier way: just toggle radiosity of the emittor, first on, make the light map, then off.
<edit> for some reason this is not working for me at the moment, but i know it works, I have done it before several times.

Sorry for interrupting but …

If I understand this right than you make a ‘lightmap’ from the rasiosity solution… then turn radiosity off and put your own choice of light in the scene ? A bit like enviroment maps but for lights it seems…

Do I understand this correctly ? Or am I going to go into another long figuring out process ? :wink: