Radiosity problem

hi all!
I am triyng to use the radiosity in Blender,but i get weird results.Here is what i do:
-set the icosphere
-flip the normals
-deactivate double sided
-set the Emit of the material
Radiosity buttons:
-hemires =300
-Enable radiosity in Render Buttons
Set the camera,objects etc.
If i got a subsurf object,i recalculate normals outside etc.
I tried with highpoly meshes also…
Still…i get objects full of artefacts,and smoth to solid transitions in the same object …like this:
And here are the settings from the radiosity buttons:
And render buttons:
thanks %| %|

It’s generally relatively difficult to help with radiosity problems without seeing the mesh.

So just some suggestions “out of the blue”.

  1. Do you have a closed environment? Otherwise the light energy will vanish to fast.
  2. 300 Iterations may be much too little, in realy difficult situations you have to use several thousand iterations.
  3. It looks like you are doing radiosity modelling, so there’s much room for improvement before you start the solution (adaptive subdividing).

So it would help if you post the blend file…