Radiosity Quality?

How would i increase radiosity quallity?

The shadow has slight artifacts and I’m wondering what settings I would have to tweak to get better shadows (or overall quality)

as far as I see, the quality of your radiosity solution is quite high… Higher than most GI solution seen on other boards with different renderers, because artefacts show here and there too…

In your case, I’ll suggest trying to subdivide a little more your floor (radiosity is based on vertex painting like solution, so the better the resolution of the mesh, the lesser the artefacts). Your Suzanne looks perfect to me.

hope this helps,


Perhaps a higher Hemiris value might help.

I think.

Higher hemires and better subdivision would work better. Also, your emit values can be tuned to produce the amount of light you desire.

I also provide tricks by making emit materials with higher values and remove them later and add better ‘looking’ mesh to have a better looking render.