radiosity rendering, first try and face problem

i was reading this

and want to get effect like that

but but… :confused: :confused:
i don’t know how is the step :frowning:

i could only come to this
but the shadow too rough (if i disable ambient occlusion, i see nothing :frowning: )

could any good man list out the step by step / or point me to a link for radiosity rendering.

i wish to understand the radiosity rendering first, then only radiosity modeling… thanks a lot

If you do see nothing, the face normals are pointing to the wrong direction.

Switch to Edit Mode, open the editing buttons (F9). On the “Mesh Tools 1” Panel you have a button “Draw Normals”. If they point to the wrong direction (outside) flip them (w-Key in the 3D window -> flip normals.)


thanks a lot soylentgreen :slight_smile:
after flipping them (thanks for teaching me how to flip) and subd, i succesfully got the rendered output like in tutorial :slight_smile:

and btw, do we have to enable ambient occlusion for radiosity rendering?

thanks a lot.