Radiosity Tool & Static Particles (Hair)

I’m a new happy Blender user and I have a question about Radiosity rendering.

I was learning radiosity and I’d like to apply this great function to my model. I had no problem as long as I render simple meshes, but great problem appears when I try to radiosity rendering a model with a Static Particles on it.

If I want to render my grass field with radiosity, I have to use Radio Render button but it’s impossible to use Radio Tool and Collect Meshes button.
When I try to Collect meshes the grass disappears from my model and no way to restore them.

Can the Radio Tool and Static Particles interact properly between them?
What’s wrong about what I did?

Thank you so much and excuse me for my bad english :o

Particles are not mesh objects and can’t receive vertex colors as a result (vertex colors apply only to verticese and radiosity bakes vertex colors to mesh objects). I believe there is a python script hanging around somewhere that will convert static particles to mesh strands. Try doing a search in the Python & Plugins forum.

I’m afraid about the amount of memory Blender will require to handle strands like object mesh… :eek:

To be unable to use bake radiosity when the model contains a group of static particles is a pity.

Thanks for the link I’ll go and do a search!

I’m looking for another solution to my problem…
let say I want to use Radio render and I have a scene with half icospher over my objects to achieve Global Illumination effect.

If I use Radio tool I can replace my objects with the resulting overall mesh then delete all the faces I don’t want in my final rendering, I’ll erase all the faces of the icosphere. But I’ll lose my static particles effect.

If I want to use Radio render instead of Radio tool, I im forced to have the emitting icosphere drawn in my final rendering without the possibility of erasing it.

My question is: can I put my emitting icosphere to another layer in order to say to Blender to render my scene with all my objects, the Global Illumination effect I want, but no to render the icosphere itself?
It’s possible to achieve the whole G.I. effect my icosphere can give me with Radio Render without render the icosphere itself?

Sure. Put the Icosphere on one layer and your other objects on another. Make sure both layers are visible BUT, on the Render Layers tab next to the word “Layer:”, make sure that the icosphere layer is not enabled.

Now I can have the Radio render effect without the white canopy of the Icosphere in my background and maintain the particles effect in my Radiosity study! I like Blender so much…
Thanx RamboBaby!

p.s. How much I don’t know in Blender? :smiley: