radiosity tuts

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deos anybody know where there are some good tuts on radiosity?



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Hmmm, there used to be one at the old blender site. I think Ingiebee has those up on her site. Do a look up for her nic in the Memberlist to get her url.

dotblend is currently working on one to show us how to apply textures with it now too. Thank god, cause I can never get that to work.


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What is Radiocity?

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KarbonCopy: It is a way of lighting objects with another object, (typically a plane mesh), using the emit value on the material window, (that is a very basic explanation). it gives you a GI type lighting effect, but not actual GI. Blenders Radiosity engione is very nice and gives great results.

You can see some results on this thread ->


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i dont beleive it! i found my tute on geocities! hehehe…from a while ago, but i still like the result =D

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Hi all,

here`s a radiosity tut done by Cujo in PDF:


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great! :smiley: . thanks

radiosity ----------> here i come 8)

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hmm…thanks, this is useful to me too.