Radiosity? What's the prob???

(Ecks) #1

ok, Last time I used radiosity was like…5 month ago so I goes over the internet to find a tut. I found one on the site of ingiebee (tx ingie! :wink: )

I follow all the thing, letter by letter and at the end, all my object are white!!!WTF?

Do someone know why? I press “GO” I see all the thing calculating and at the end my objects stay white…PLease help me! Thank you! :smiley:

(theeth) #2

you probably had a light emitter with too much energy (the Emit value in the material settings).


(kos) #3

gag…the radiosity inside blender should be improved.when you use radiosity on some scene everything is joined together with million times subdivided(designer).you can not edit any complex mesh anymore.thats why i do not use radiosity.

(Ecks) #4

lol yea your right! I was slow today so this is why I just didn’t see the emit was too high…lol thank you! :smiley:

(Fort Max) #5

Even if your light emmiter was too bright you could still just turn down the ‘Multiply energy’ value in the radiosity buttons. Then you wouldn’t have to recalculate.

Funny thing is that I always have the exact oppossite problem - the scene is too dark and my emmitors are at max… hmmmm.