Radiosity with GE - crashing problem!

I have been using uv mapping textures onto meshes and then I have been doing some radiosity calcs to create new meshes and moving these to a new layer. I was then moving the camera to this new layer and walking through my radiositied/texture-mapped mesh. Everything was working fine until now…my model has got a little bigger so I tried the same process again. I have everything texture-mapped in the UV editor, the GE works fine until I run the radiosity calcs. Afterwards however, when I try and run the GE it just crashes (whether I use the original mesh or the new radiositied mesh). I have kept the maxEl to 1 and have not done anything different (I don’t think).

Any ideas? I need help!!
Thanks for any info…

Radiosity is always a bad idea in a game.

No. Radiosity is a great idea… If implemented properly.

Considering you maxEl is at 1 then you should not be adding any additional geometry which destroys my idea that it was a memory issue.

I have run into errors before where the conditions under which something ones worked remain the same and then it stops working.

What you should try doing is append the object that the mesh is linked too into a fresh new blend file and see if it will run. If it runs fine then you know the problem resides somewhere else in the original blend and not in your model. If it does not run fine and potentialy crashes again then you know your problem is something with your geometry.

So try that and then tell us what happend so we can take action from there.

Thanks for your responses…I tried importing the radiositied object into a new walkthrough template but this crashed too. The model itself works fine in the GE until I do the radiosity. Afterwards both the original model and the radiosity objects it creates crash in the GE. I move the radiosity objects into a separate layer, I have less than 16 materials. The only difference I can see from when it was working and now (and I don’t know why it has done this) is that running the radiosity gives me 2 separate objects (arbitrarily) rather than 1 which is what I have come to expect.
I would really appreciate any advice as I am running to a tight deadline and am totally stuck!


Is there a chance you could post a blend?

Yes deffinatly post a blend. Im very interested in looking into this.

Hi - I actually work alongside nicky - she’s off today and has asked me to post the file up for her
How do I upload files?
And also, the file is just over 11 meg . . . is that too big to post?
Also…the only file I can post is the file that doesn’t have the radiosity calculations done on it - it’s the walkthru + the model - a working version. If you can do the radiosity calcs and get it working after that, then great!

11 megs it quite a big file to post… you get free websites that let you host files online… do a search on google you’ll find a tone of them… is pretty okay…

Thanks - here’s the link for those who want to help