I tried using radiosity in Blender 2.2, but I was following the directions from the Blender Book (which was Blender 1.8).
Anyway, it rendered all wrong, with black triangles all over the place.
Does anyone know of some quality tutorials that would give me a clue?

Read the information again, your missing a step. your probably hitting ‘add mesh’ which adds a copy of the radiosity solved mesh in the EXACT SAME PLACE as the original mesh(s). when this happens you have an overlapping zbuffer and you get display artifacts like you mentioned.

Ok, that’s what I did…
So…do I delete the original meshes then, or move the new mesh to another layer and not activate it?

What you do is read the instructions and hit “Replace Meshes”

Thank you.
I have the book in front of me and it says “Integrate the radiosity rendering with the scene with Add New Meshes.”
I was following the directions, that’s why I couldn’t see why it was messed up.