Radium - Alpha release 0.00.05

Hi all,

Next release (alpha v0.00.05) is finally available for download at www.radiumrenderer.com

If you’ve tested previous releases, I strongly recommend you read the release notes (link in download section), there are quite a few changes.

If you’ve not tested Radium before, read the installation instructions carefully and I strongly recommend you read radium_gui.htm (can be found in radium/doc once you’ve installed).

I’ve also created a forum (no posts yet, even by me ;)). This is primarily for bug reports right now.

Any problems, please let me know by PM or on this thread :slight_smile:


Get 0.00.06 instead … critical fix applied to stop rays leaking from bump-maps if the normal is perturbed too much.


Thank you - I will definitely try Radium.

The new micro-bumpmaps for difuse reflections are very nice!
OK, I will wait until the material editor be finished to play more with this Radium renderer :wink:

Very nice Caronte :slight_smile: Thanks again for all the testing so far.

How long did that take to render out of interest?


1 hour 10 minuts at 640x480 with amd dualcore 4400+

No lights, only an hdri for the sky.

P.D: With 45 minuts the results was about the same