Raflesia Arnoldi Flower

Hi… for this time I made the nature scene, I try to make one of the most beautiful flower in my country … Indonesia… called Raflesia Arnoldi… the flower is big enough…
and I put an early morning feel to this scene…

Feel free to post comment… I’ll be happy to see what you think… :slight_smile:
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Yes, I know what that type of flower is, while it’s considered the world’s largest flower, it’s not really recommended one grows it in their yard as they tend to be somewhat stinky.

Your skills seem to have improved a lot since your first nature rendering, though the relative lack of translucency anywhere on the flower gives it a little of an artificial feel (or maybe they just don’t have much to begin with)

Thanks Ace Dragon… yap you r right… its not really recommended one grows it in yard
I try to give the translucency effect to that flower… but maybe the translucency doesnt too show up… maybe I’ll try to increase the fac value of the translucency…

Thanks for comment here Ace Dragon… :slight_smile:

Very nice. I’d soften the volumetric rays a tad, they, as shadows, are seldom that sharp. But very nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks Farmfields… next I try to soft the light streak… thanks… :slight_smile:

good render. I remember reading that this is the world’s smelliest flower. But, it’s a good scene, and glad I don’t have to smell.

Mind if I use this picture in a presentation as an example of rendering?

Worlds biggest flower. And though I don’t know if it’s the smelliest, it does pollinate through flies it attracts by smelling like a rotting corpse, hehe… And I don’t care as I was actually born without a sense of smell. No kidding. ;D

Of course… :slight_smile: but if you want give credit to me I’ll be happy… but you dont have to… :slight_smile: