Raft on ocean

How can I make a raft that follows the surface of an undulating plane? I have modeled an ocean scene on a plane that has a wave effect associated and want to make a raft or boat that will follow the undulation. How can I do that?
Thanks for any ideas,

You can parent the raft to vertexes on the plane. Select your raft, shift-select your ocean. Go into edit mode and select a vertex (or 3 vertexes if you want to also get the rotation) and press ctrl-p.

*edit ah sketchy you beat me to it
Btw, this works with groups too!

But I dont want the plane to deform its shape…just move on the surface…Does this make sense?

ooops I meant the raft plane. not the ocean plane.

the method I described won’t deform your raft. It is just normal parenting, except that instead of parenting and object to an object, your parenting an object to a vertex (or group of vertexes).