Rag doll (connecting armatures to collision blocks)

Hey all,

I am trying to make a ragdoll in the bge. Currently I have the physics portion done with ball socket joints etc, and I have a mesh with an armature. I have been trying to get the various armatures to contrain to the physics boxes by using the bone contraints of copyLocation, copyRotation, and child of. None of which worked for me in game. I am wondering what I missed to make the character work while the engine runs. The caracter reacts perfectly when I am not in the game engine, but once the game starts the model goes all “explody” and never moves.
Here is a picture of what is happening: (only the head has the constraint on it of copyRotation)

I had this same issue, do you have

always -------and------------run armature?


RigaMandit.blend (626 KB)

No I did not, thank you that fixed it.


always glad to help :slight_smile:

The BRIK add-on might be nice to check out as well. It takes away most of the pain of setting all the bone constraints manually and lining up the rigid body joints. It also enables you to spawn rag-dolls, or have a rigged character go from normal animation using actions to ragdoll mode.