rag doll into armeture animation

If anyone is familiar with KAT, part of karma tools, it is a physics and rag doll test. has anyone managed to get something like that in blender, not nesisarily in real time, I more want it to be able to bake into an armature action.

For example there are joints in the game engine, could I record the ipos there, then with bones, can they track to emptys and then bake the animation? (if so how?)

Yes, you can. In fact, there’s a big chunk of a chapter written on this in the book on physical simulation in my signature. Unfortunately the book’s not out yet and won’t be for a while. In the meantime, this might get you started:

Also, download the bullet physics testfiles here and study them:


You can bake rigid body simulations into Ipos using Ctrl-Shift-Alt-P.

As you said, once you’ve got the rigid body rag doll, you can parent empties and use them as IK targets for armature bones.

That sounds most helpfull. Perhaps if I can get it working I can post a tutorial or whatever.