Ragdoll demo

I was playing with the new constraints and setup a simple
ragdoll demo.
Click on a block to remove it’s constraint and make it fall.
And as a warning, taken seriously this demo might look a bit
disturbing so please don’t.
Download here(~46k)

Nice to know my concerns on on releasing this were totally unfounded %|
Anyways I updated the demo to wake up the bones if they are sleeping.
The process for setting up the ragdolls is also a bit simpler.
The X key explodes the constraints now.

cant get it to download.
and do you know where to find a good tutorial on constraints?

I did, did you intended to have those two hump one another or was that just the side effect ?

very cool that is kinda fun shooting off bits of the body and watching them rotate and collapse. The squirming motion once collapsed is disturbing. Is that just physics collisions going a bit out of whack?


It’s like one of them drop dead then start :expressionless:

Really cool ragdoll test. I’ve tried to change the bounds to Hull polytope, that’s really funny cause then those characters are really gonna live there own life and even act like they are real.
The humand is starting to spank the dog on his ass, then he’s gonna stroke the dog, he turns back and such and starts waving a little around.

When you remove the contrain, it falls down and starts rolling over the floar like he’s dying. Really funny. :smiley:

And screwing.

i got it to download

try to click on both the dudes legs and he turns upside down and swings back and fourth

look at this

Very cool, try copying the guy a bunch and see what

Is it possible to do the same thing, have the body be
all one mesh, so that the bones do the physics.

I cant get it to work. I open and run it, he moves, and the space bar reset works, but the clicking witht eh mouse to move doesnt.

Mattimus - the clicking doesn’t move, as such - it just removes the constraint that holds the bone to its parent bone.

Exactly, dragging is another project alltogether.
I don’t know of any tutorials on constraints, or decent
documentation for that matter. I have just been looking
at the p2p demo.

Is it possible to do the same thing, have the body be
all one mesh, so that the bones do the physics.

I’ve tried making this work on one mesh and have had no success,
Parenting A Bone to a Mesh is not possible,
There is no python access to the armatures,
The best way do do this sort of think would be with armatures, but
that probably won’t be doable for a while.
The only way I can think of currently would be to set the individual
vertices based on the blocks position/rotation. Doable if you want to
break out a 3d math book for a few hours.

Clicking changes nothing when I play, the bones dont dissattache or fall or w/e nothing happens

I dont think this demo works with 2.4 but it should with 2.41.

This thing is fun just in itself; nice demo, strangeland.

I have been to http://www.continuousphysics.com/Bullet/,but the thing is that page never explains what collision physics is I mean from the very begining. It dives right in with the math,the source code e.t.c but there needs to be some sort of an introduction for those of us for whom a physics class was decades ago.

This ragDoll with Bullet is awsome yes. But you need to get it to be attached to armatures. We all know that with lack of access to armatures with python that this is imposible. But I think I may have an idea…

An armature has the actions that you define for its bones. You can have actions that only include one bone. And you can run multiple actions at once, which will run together just fine as long as they dont share bones.

You have all your usual animations for you character and what not. But then you can take the time to make separate actions for each bone, specifying the limits of rotation. You then make your little Rag-Doll rig, and make all its faces invisible. You have your Armature for you character checking the orientaions of the parts of the rig. You take that nasty 3x3 matrix and translate it into degrees/radians (whichever you prefer). You then play the correct action for the correct bone, having its frame set to the one the correctly matches with the angle.

To prevent the parts of the rig from rotating further than allowed, simply check its orientation with the max/min if it is >= or <= then just set it to the min/max apropriatly.

I don’t know much bout bullet except basics, so If you already have rotational contraints then just ignore the last part.

We all know that with lack of access to armatures with python that this is imposible.

It has been a while since I read the Blender Python docs but I thought you could access the head and tail positions of a bone. I’ll need to look again.

I always planned on investigating the method of triggeriing an animation until a point where I could substitute a rag doll setup using python. It would all be based on the fect that I can get two points in a line using python. I have not yet reached a level of expertise to achieve this.

I feel that possibly a Game Physics to IPO session with this would provide some useful data.


Yes you used to be able get access a while back. But I cant even find it in the docs anymore so im just guessin that its out for now.