Ragdoll help

I tryed to make a game with a blockman who can walk and jump, what I have to do that he become a ragdoll??
I have a real block ragdoll on another layer, but I cant add it to layer 1 please help
thank for every reply

Hold shift and select both layers in your layer selection tool. This will make both layers visible and active.

äh what … NO not ähm
ok I want to make a game with enemys and if you shot them down : they become a ragdoll (layer 2)

… I cant add it to layer 1 while the game runs

First of all nobody said you where stupid, no need to get offensive if someone doesnt quite understands you. Second, this should probably be in the game section ;).

Thirds, i think this is what you are looking for:
*Add an Edit Object Actuator to the object you want to change to the Ragdoll.
*Change the Add Object to Replace Mesh.
*In the ME: Field write the name of your mesh(the ragdoll)(should be in another layer, and i am guessing it already is)
Note: (here is the tricky part) You need to write the MESH name(ME) not the OBJECT name(OB) name. So to make sure: Press F7 to bring up the editing buttons, and under Links and Materials Check the what the ME field says for the Ragdoll object, if needed rename.

I believe that should solve your problem, if I understood your problem correctly…sorry if I didnt…

Thank you i will try it

Blender crashed during the test