Ragdoll spazzing out


I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong here or not. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t get the generic constraints to behave like I think they should. I want a ragdoll with restricted motion in the shoulders, etc, to keep it in a realistic pose. What I have is this, where the ragdoll just has a seizure at some point, and I can’t see why. Everything has had scales and angles applied before adding constraints or making them actors, etc.


In general, how do I know where the zero point and the plus/minus directions are on an axis when using the generic constraints? This may be the problem right here, since at the moment I’m just guessing. Is there any way to visualize this?

Any help greatly appreciated.



my guess is well, first, it falls nice, so it spazzes the first hit…it hits and then pops back up. I think it’s because with lowerleg bent back when it hits, the lowerleg bends back and then clacks into upperleg and acts like a spring, because they are all connected up the “chain” and it exceeds the physical limit of how the blocks can not violate each other as rigid bodies. They all do not damp and they have even mass.

The second tumble is noise with everything clacking together, the physics engine is essentially vibrating every block back and forth, and when one clacks the one next to it, it sets off a chain reaction.

I got much better results just changing the mass to be very massy for the body and less for the legs, like 50 or so. If this is for the book, you might want to look up actual physcial body part masses and enter them, and then damp them like .25 to simulate “tendons”

Hi PapaSmurf,

Thanks for the response. Making the limbs slightly less mass might improve the motion of the ragdoll. I experimented a bit with that but didn’t get any improvement on the main problem I’m having. I think the completely spazzing out I think is a different problem. If I set the generic constraints to lock in all degrees of freedom, there’s no problem. Hinges work fine. The problem is with the generic constraints I have set up on the shoulders. I suspect that when I try to lock them I’m locking them at the wrong values, or they’re somehow rotated wrong, but I’m not sure.