ragdolls - lets get em walking somehow

so now we have joints in blender, and i made my first ragdoll. But now i cant seem to get this out of my head: how do i make the ragdolls walk? Ive been thinking of using Ipos or some kind of force in the legs.

What would you do to make them ragdolls walk? tell your opinin here.

can you post the ragdoll?

nope… only way i can think of would be have a regular character and when you need him to ragdoll, “replace” with ragdoll.

Exactly, this is how they do it in most of the games when a character get’s shot they replace it with a ragdoll version and set the last position for the character skeleton to the ragdoll version, apply the force before he got shot and viola, let the ragdoll do it’s work.

They do this in loads of games, most well known games would be UT2003 and UT2004 and they use exactly this technic to archive some nice ragdoll effects, althought sometimes the ragdoll go crazy when hit my cars in UT2k4. :stuck_out_tongue:

well… but how do i replace single mesh with ragdoll that is built with 10-12 cubes?

we would need a ragdoll-armature…that would be greate

Well adding 10 cubes at the same time can be done by parenting them to one central empty. What you do it add a ‘Edit object’ Actuator with option: ‘Add object’ and add the empty which has more meshes parented to it. Then also add a 2nd ‘Edit Object’ Actuator to the mesh you want to have replaced and set the actuator option to ‘End Object’ which will removed the current mesh.

It works with more meshes parented to an empty, but I’m not sure if it works when you parent a ragdoll setup to an central empty and add that instead of static meshes or dynamic objects.

edit: never mind