Raghhh!!! Artifacts!

Hey everybody, I just got a new laptop (Win XP Mediacenter, 1.83 cor duo, 7900gs, 512 ram on a 1920x1200 display) and also just got ahold of the install for blender (the USA and Austrial links were down) So, when I try to use Blender, I get black and white dots across my screen when I mouse wheel around an object, and when I move my cursor over a button in blender, and my mouse dosn’t always select the right verts (it will select some compleatly random one that most of the time isn’t on screen). I have tried the basic stuff, like uninstall and reinstall, restarting. This wasn’t happing on Friday, so any ideas?

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Do you have the proper driver for your video card installed?

What screen resolution are you running at?

Yeah, drivers are installed, but let me double check. Yup, drivers are up to date, and SirisuCG

1920 by 1200 widescreen resolution


Oh… crap… things got worse
Help anyone?

EDIT: just now noticed that my entire screen is turing pink… this isnt looking good


is your card ati???

It’s probably a Video Card setting; change your ColorDepth setting and/or Hardware Acceleration. Also check your Mouse settings are using the default setting (without shadows).


I wasn’t aware that ATI made a 7900 GS, I have a Nvidia, just swaped over from a ATI card. Anyways, just reinstalled my driver, and things seem to be working out a little bit better, but I have to restart to be sure.