Ragid edges !

(tob) #1


I have a pyramid made from a PLANE, added a single VERTEX for the top, created edges and faces.

When I render it , the edges of each triangular face are smooth. The same view, though, in an animation (AVI RAW output, OSA on, oversample level tried even at 16) shows the edges as ragged!

The images being created during the animation sequence in the littel window all look good too!

Any ideas?


(tob) #2

Hi (Nasty habit this answering my own POSTs, but maybe someone else will use the info)

It seems that playing wwith the “Set render size” buttons (i.e. 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) in the render panel, have an effect.

If I animate at 50%… I get the clean edges again. All other sizes produce some ragged-edge effect to various degrees. Even, interestingly enough, the 100% !

So I must assume that there is some relationship between the size of my model and the ability to render straight edges… i.e. perhaps if the model was LARGER there would be more pixels to work with and the jaggies could/would be minimized?

I’m still interested in any other notions about this jaggies subject…


(EnV) #3

Well, I noticed differences in rendering a scene at 100% or at 75, 50%…
for example, a transparent or semitransparent object close to one another (planet atmosphere) shows the edges of the faces in reduced render.