ragnar the viking

from the game rune if anyone ever played it.

quick update before i go to bed.


wow looks very nice…keep it up

i actually know some people called Ragnar! :smiley: good work there Pork!

Very good work dude…!!!

looks awesome. one crit though is that i think his legs are a little short.

another update. made him a tad taller, maybe more still needed :eyebrowlift2:



another update, made him taller again too.



that looks amazing i must say. Although i do think that the boots could be a little smaller and the hands look somehow out of proportion. Keep going this is great.

ug you modelled the hands facing forward now they will have a 90 degree twist in the polies at the elbow area if you rig him.

Looks cool!

a quick update before i go to bed.


been doin some work on the helmet.



Sweet detail on the helmet. I’m going to guess you use retopo for the base, right?

exellent work! Like the details on the helmet as BlackBoe said. How did u make the armor shreds?

Interesting approach! This is the first character model that I see made outside in (clothes first, then everything else…) I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see how it will develop further!

bit of a break from making the head to start on his axe.


blackboe - no i didnt use retopo, i only just found out what it is when i googled it after i read your message.

i made the pattern on the helmet by looking at the helmet in my side veiw, drawing the shape i wanted by extruding a plane (still in side view) then extruded it to give the pattern its volume, and then wrapped the shape round the helmet by hand adjusting/roating and what not where neccesary, not sure ifs thats ok to understand :spin:.
if not i can always just fraps me doing it.

thanks all.

Again…nice details on the axe. Nice and simple yet good work

Oh, wow. Well, I’m even more impressed now. Nice work on the axe, too. You should look into retopo, though, it’ll really speed up your workflow in that it can project shapes.

a small update, been a bit busy lookin for a house.