Raid of the Tower - My first game on mobile

I finally got my first game to work on android, you can download it here. It’s an endless jumper with procedurally generated environment that changes its look with height you are on. If you could check it out you would really help me and my friends that worked on that game with me!
Some pictures here:

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10 bucks this aint the bge

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Nope it isn’t but all the models were made by me in Blender

Just a hint.
BGE users don’t like people posting games made with other engines. :wink:

not just that, its the actual forum rules. nothing to do with bge fanboyism. only games made in the bge or upbge are “relevant” to the category.


Agreed. :+1:

Besides the rough commentary . . .

Your game looks pretty good
Keep up the good work. :grinning: :ok_hand: